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This research is not to compete with Odd Nerdrum, it is to give painters more tools of expression, using various painting and drawing techniques. The YouTube Video Tutorials are the best and most current research. Thanks to Odd Nerdrum for being a painting genius and inspiring me to be a better painter. I began my research around 1997, and I stopped my research officially in January of 2011.


Many of you are Googling the terms "Odd Nerdrum Palette", and "Odd Nerdrum Materials". So this one's for you.


Odd Nerdrum's Canvas: "Herringbone Twill Weave Linen Canvas, available at

Robert Doak Associates Inc.

Odd Nerdrum paints in Old Holland Colors premixed in home made tubes into the following colors:

Odd Nerdrum's portrait palette

(actual photo from one of his demonstrations)


From left to right, his colors for a portrait demonstration were:  Mars Black, "Brown" (a mixture of Mars Black and Chinese Vermilion), "Blue" (Mars Black and Titanium White), a dark and a light version of "Rosa" (Chinese Vermilion, Yellow Ochre, and Titanium White), Yellow Ochre, "Flesh" (a mixture of all the colors), "Light Yellow"(Yellow Ochre and Titanium White), and Titanium White.  Each color, except Chinese Vermilion, appears in his palette as taken straight from the tube;  he never uses Chinese Red unless it is part of his pre-made mixtures.

Odd Nerdrum's Medium: 50% Turpentine, 50% boiled linseed oil. I don't think this is "Stand Oil", stand oil dries slow, boiled linseed oil dries fast I heard. He rarely uses medium. Before this medium, he used to use "Maroger Medium" made from mastic varnish, black (lead) oil, and he added wax into it. This medium ruined many of his paintings that had to be repainted. See my link about "Nerdrum's diary" on the side panel on this page.

Odd Nerdrum's Brushes: He uses flats mostly, and fan brushes, very cheap. Pointed rounds for details. NOTE: I use round brushes in some of my books.

Odd Nerdrum uses the palette knife and sandpaper both rough and smooth, I detail how to use it in my books above.

If you want to learn how to paint like Nerdrum using these materials, doing copies of Odd Nerdrum paintings, you can buy my books at the top of this page.


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"A painting has a history you cannot fabricate"-Odd Nerdrum

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